Equine Elite Products



“I have been using EquinElite products for 4 years now and I absolutely LOVE IT!! It’s quick and easy to get my horses shined up before shows especially when we go to AQHYA World Show and all the NCRCHA Shows.”

Abby Suvada riding Stylish N Hot & Trainer Lance Scheffel riding Stylish N Hot

“I just had to let you know how much we love your product! We first saw EquinElite at Midwest Horse Fair. We love that it is not greasy, nor does it create build up when used. It smells awesome as an added bonus, and it makes our hands soft and smooth. It has worked wonders on the humane society horses and our horses at home especially this Fall when there was a bumper crop of burdock and the burrs just slid out of the manes and tails with a comb. We used to use Cowboy Magic, but no more! Get this product, you will not be disappointed!!”

Judy Halat Talah Arabians and Miniatures Vounteer at Dane County Humane Society Madison, Wisconsin
Lake Traverse Cocker Spaniels Looking Good with EquinElite Products

“I discovered EquinElite about 2 years ago at a clinic I attended. When I first bought my horse Woody, he had some shine to his coat, but it was dull looking and easily faded in the summer days. Since using EquinElite along with giving him proper nutrition and an exercise plan, he has thrived and looks stunning. His coat is shiny and smooth. There is no build-up, and I continuously get comments on how soft his coat is. I’ve wasted a lot of time and money trying other products, and those times are in the past. I am an EquinElite enthusiast. You will NOT find a better product for the money, and the quality is superior to that of anything I’ve used.”

Shantell Pawelk, Barrel Racer

“We’ve been using EquinElite products on our Half-Arabian Pintos, and we LOVE them! The Herbal Shampoo smells wonderful, and the Shine and Shield Detangles and conditions like no other product on the market today! I’ll sometimes put the Shine & Shield on my own hands as it is a wonderful moisturizer and smells heavenly. We also use the Waterless Bath at horse shows. We also appreciate that these products are affordable. We Love EquinElite!”

Cris Stetler, French Lake Equestrian Center Rogers, Minnesota

“I train and show Pinto Arabians and Saddlebreds. I use all the EquinElite products. I love the Shine & Shield. It is a must have at shows as it leaves tails soft and manageable. I also love the Waterless Bath, because Pintos seem to always get dirty spots. The Waterless Bath cleans them right up when there is not time for a real bath. Thank you for creating these wonderful products!”

Jenna Jarboe, Training Dayton, Minnesota

“I use EquinElite products on my paint mare and WOW, has it made a difference. Her mane and tail are so much softer, yet still very strong. Jill, and all of her staff, are so friendly and helpful. I will never use another detangler again!”

Natalie Schuh, Plymouth, MN

“This is my solid white paint mare where you can see how white EquinElite makes her. You make her SHINE!! I want people to REALLY see what EquinElite does! I LOVE your products!!”

Jini Berman California

“EquinElite has the most unbelievable grooming products. It is the only product I use for my horses and pets. Alcohol dries out hair, but EquinElite has no alcohol but many botanicals. My Friesians’ and Arabian’s mane and tails have grown longer. I LOVE the product!!”

Adrienne Xagoris, Scottsdale, Arizona

“I was at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show and bought the EquinElite Shine & Shield detangler. The nicest lady ever allowed me to try it in my hands. I used it a couple times and finally took pictures of one of my race horses today. An amazing product!! Amazing Reps! Overall, I am astonished by how well this works. We actually look forward to bathing our horses now and we look forward to using it before other races.”

Rick Fierro 3R Stables, El Paso, Texas

“I received my order on Friday and tried out the EquinElite Shine & Shield over the weekend. AMAZING — so much better than anything else I’ve ever used — not greasy and smells soooooo good!! My Bay Stallion (even with his woolies) has a mane and tail to die for now. Can’t wait to try it out on the rest of the crew. I even tried the shampoo on myself and like it. THANK YOU for an EXCELLENT PRODUCT!!”

Jean Walton, North Chesterfield, Virginia

“In our horse show career, we have used a variety of cleaning products for our show horses. Recently we were introduced to EquinElite products. They are superior to anything else we have used. The horses clean up so well; the product rinses nicely and the Shine and Shield gives us a nice finished look. We have also noticed that we use less product for excellent results. We are always looking for time and money saving opportunities in our programs. An added benefit is the wonderful fragrance; the horses smell fresh and clean, not perfumed! Thank you for introducing the product to our business; we love supporting local business with a huge heart! Watch for us at the horse shows if you would like to see the results on our horses!”

Lisa Kroll and the Kroll Performance Team

“We use EquinElite Conditioner every time we groom underneath winter blankets to help reduce the static. I LOVE it!! It also helps reduce blanket itch. Thanks EquinElite!”

Holly Deschenes, Dreams Shared POA’s Midwest POAC President Broadhead, Wisconsin

“I have been meaning to tell you that I LOVE the EquinElite Leave-in Conditioner! It leaves my horses coats feeling amazingly soft and silky with an incredible shine. The best part is that it feels natural and not like there is something on their coats. People are always commenting to me how amazing my horses’ coats look. I have to confess and tell them it’s because of your EquinElite Conditioner!”

Veronica Allman Wasilla, Alaska

“I use EquinElite Herbal Shampoo and Leave-in Conditioner on ALL my dogs! I have 2 Rough Collies, a Rottweiler and a New Foundland Mix. The Herbal Shampoo cleans their coats beautifully. They are fluffy and smell wonderful! The EquinElite Leave-in Conditioner enhances their shiny coats and makes them snuggly soft, plus we don’t loose the fluff! My favorite part is when my dogs get wet; they never have the wet dog smell. THey smell clean and fresh like mango. I’ve used many products in the past searching for the perfect spray on conditioner, but my search ended with EquinElite. It’s great for my dogs AND my horses!”

Desiree Childs, Balsam Lake, Wisconsin