Equine Elite Products



“I used EquinElite’s Silky Shine & Shield on our broodmares’ long manes. Now when I check on them, I can simply run a brush through them quickly and easily, and it stays so much nicer!! I hate snarled manes for the broodmares, and I no longer need to worry about that. Thanks EquinElite!

Debbi Trubee,Pine View Farms , North Lawrence, Ohio , Home of Invitation Only and Lazy Loper

“Without much time, other than to put the horse in the trailer, my daughter and I headed out to Ranch Horse Show. It had been a rainy week, and our little cow horse was a mess. I pulled out my EquinElite Waterless Bath from my tack box and went to work. Just before our class, we had a shiny cow horse. Not only did she look great, but she smelled great too. We love the EquinElite products. Other waterless shampoos have left the coat greasy and soapy, but not this one. I was so pleased with your EquinElite Waterless Bath. Thanks!”

Jan Greenfield, Minnesota

“The first time I used EquinElite’s Leave-in conditioner, I was so impressed with how shiny the previously dry manes, tails and bodies had been that I took pictures to share with everyone. I combed through tangles easily and it smelled wonderful. After a windy winter week which included 40 mph winds (that my horses chose to stand in), I went to spray and comb their manes and tails again. Their manes were still soft and had NO TANGLES! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I’ve used the conditioner on my dogs too and they are soft, fluffy and shiny. I have so much fun grooming all my pets now. I can’t wait to try the rest of EquinElite products!”

Desiree Childs Balsam Lake, Wisconsin

“We love EquinElite Leave-in Conditioner!! It works wonderful on foals as they are shedding that baby fur! It helps train manes and starts a beautiful tail getting futurity babies ready. Our Paint horses are not inside during the daytime summer hours so we like that it gives some UV protection for sunburn AND it smells great!! Thanks so much!”

Deanna and Darsey Triple D Farms Sandstone, Minnesota

“I had a pony who continually rubbed his tail and made it look terrible. After two treatments of shampoo and leave-in conditioner, there was no more rubbing and his tail looked smooth and beautiful again. I don’t know what makes the itching stop, but it looks great.”

Karen Hupp, Riding Instructor Minnetonka, Minnesota

“We’ve owned horses for over 30 years, and in all that time, we’ve never come across a product like EquinElite. We were so amazed the first time we used the leave-in conditioner, and found that a week later, our horses manes and tails were soft and virtually tangle free! Their hair and coat also looks wonderful. We especially like the fact that this product does not leave residue on the hair. We are hooked! You’ve cut our grooming time substantially, and our horses look great! Since trying the leave-in conditioner, we also utilized the Shine and Shield. Again, a superb product. Since this worked so well on our horses, we also used EquinElite on our dogs and our goat. I’m pleased to say that its jsut as effective on them! Thank you so much!

Jim and Lynn Byrstrom, Bystrom Quarter Horses Balsam Lake, Wisconsin

“I have Arabian horses and manes and tails are very important with this breed. Their is no other grooming product on the market that will care for a mane and tail like EquinElite. I have literally tried everything on the market for horses, even people products from fine salons and beauty supplies, trying to find something that moisturizes and detangles the hair but does not build up and get sticky after daily use. Well, EquinElite is incredible. You can use it every day and it grooms out all the tangles in long manes and tails and doe not rip or break off the hair. No sticky build up either! EquinElite is amazing and it smells great. After trying it once I was amazed, but after using it for a month, I was so grateful to find a product that really conditioned my manes and tails!! I use the whole EquinElite line for my horses, and I love it!”

Christy Moll, Arabian Dreams Tempe, Arizona

“When I started using EquinElite, I actually had to trim four tails because the hair grew so long. It held longer, did not attract dirt like some other popular horse shampoos, and I got more volume for my money. I’ve tried EquinElite on my own hair, and I love it. This is the best product for my horses.”

Linda Bolton, Therapeutic Riding Instructor Dearborn Heights, Michigan

“We absolutely LOVE EquinElite’s product line!! We have always used Cowboy Magic until we received an e-blast from EquinElite. We decided to give it a try and are SO glad we did!! The Leave-in Conditioner is great for horses that rub their manes and tails — used it and no more rubbing! Can’t say enough about the Shine & Shield – at shows where our horses’ long tails drag through the footing, put a little of that in (a little goes a LONG way) and no icky tangled tails. Works fantastic in-between classes when you don’t have time to wash a tail. We highly recommend this product line!!”

Danielle and Randy Shaw Desert Visions Arabians

“I have used tons of Cowboy Magic or products like that. But EquinElite, Silky Shine & Shield smells better, has better ingredients, is thicker, and it has a great price! It is great for my Gypsy Vanners!”

Laura Robideau Lake Ridge Gypsy Horses LLC

“EquinElite Conditioner is a lifesaver! My Thoroughbred gelding leads a busy life working as my ranch horse and also my eventing partner. During show season, he must be quickly transformed from a dusty, sweaty cow horse to a sleek show horse. Your product keeps his coat from bleaching out and keeps his hair soft and shiny without a slippery residue. Thanks for such a great product!”

Dana Sitzman Bird Haven Farm Wray, Colorado