Equine Elite Products



“I put EquinElite Shine & Shield Detangler in Lukje’s mane and tail, and it works great! It doesn’t leave any residue on my hands, or Lukje’s mane and tail, and they stay soft and easy to manage for two weeks!! The conditioner is great too! I love beyond Love the EquinElite products!!”

Brittany Susienka, Big Rock Ranc, Inc. Ashland, Wisconsin

“My name is Zophia E Raleigh, and I have a Quarter Horse named Graceful Moxie. Moxie and I love EquinElite because it makes us smell look our best. I have used EquinElite’s products on my own hair and I love the way it makes my hair feel. I use EquinElite on Moxie to make her mane and tail smooth, shiny and detangled, especially before our showmanship classes. When I use EquinElite at my barn, the entire barn smells wonderful the rest of the day. Every time someone comes up to Moxie and I and asks, “What shampoo and conditioner to you use?” Moxie and I puff up our chests and proudly reply, “EquinElite, the best stuff around!” Moxie and I say thank you to EquinElite for making such fantastic products!”

Zophia Raleigh, Dog Trainer & Equestrian Rider
Kevin Johnson, of KDJ Stables, using EE Shine & Shield, 1st in Western Horsemanship, WSCA Champ Show, 2012.

“For several months, EquinElite Silky Shine & Shield has been used on my Akhal-Tekes and the results are amazing! Using a minimal amount, manes and tails are detangled, moisturized, leave a glistening shine, and the aroma of the product is wonderful. After use, manes and tails remain detangled and soft and look good for several days without leaving any residue. For me, hands down, EquinElite Silky Shine & Shield is the best moisturizing product on the market for horses!!”

Reeny Thompson, Minnesota Akhal-Tekes Princeton, Minnesota

“I have been using EquinElite Shine & Shield to tame the witches knots in my mare’s mane for nearly two years now. Even in the winter, it keeps her mane from drying out. Nothing else has left mane as soft and tangle free as EquinElite’s Shine & Shield does.”

DeEtta Houts-Schey, Four Flags Arabians Staples, Minnesota

” We use EquinElite to enhance my Arabian geldings’ beautiful mane and gorgeous tail. Wilson, our mini donkey, and our Paint Mare, also get to use EquinElite’s Silky Shine & Shield. Nothing else will do. Thank you!”

Nadine Rundquist Lead, South Dakota

“We have been using your Shine & Shield mane and tail product a lot. It makes it so much easier to pick and brush out the manes and tails of our miniatures, and they don’t break or lose a lot of hair. We used it at Midwest for our Demos on them!”

Dave & Sherilyn Charlton Charlton’s Miniatures

“I should have taken before and after pictures! I bought and used the EquinElite Leave-in Conditioner 3-4 times a month and have noticed Syngyne’s mane is growing. It was short, but now is 4-5 inches long!! I take great pride in my horses, and your product helps them look great! Thanks!”

Lisa Grimsely Level 5, MN Mounted Shooters

“I’ve owned horses my whole life and pretty much tried everything out there to de tangle, clean and shine my horse. I could easily find a quick fix, but nothing that would last and not make matters worse the next day.

After I used EquinElite’s Shine & Shield the first time, I saw a huge difference in the texture of my stallions mane and tail, which normally are stiff and coarse. The EquinElite Leave-in Conditioner kept it looking and feeling soft and tangle free for over a week!! Love your products and will never use anything else.

Jeanine Stoval Peaster, Texas

“I have been using EquinElite products for 8 months now, and they have been working great on my palomino roan as the product helps with wind knots and burrs in the mane and tail. It also keeps his coat smooth and shiny. EquinElite smells very good and it makes my dream horse, Diamond Sparkle.”

Dawn Slusar Monticello, Minnesota

“Just wanted to thank you for a great shampoo!! Smells great, rinses clean and did an amazing job on the white sock on my sorrell gelding! The sock glowed! Better than the bluing shampoo we specifically purchased for the white! Thank you!”

Missie Schwartz Rogers, Minnesota

“I Love, Love your products!! Everyone always compliments me on my horse smelling so wonderful! I also love that EquinElite is all natural too.”

Frankie T., Age 15, Vice President 4-H Horse Club Pelham, Alabama

“Thank you!!! That stuff works incredibly. I use just a tiny little bit on my horses knotted up dreadlock type tail, and it is all perfect now. This stuff (EquinElite) is amazing! It works great! I really appreciate it!”

Jeff August , Minnesota Mounted Shooters

“I love the EquinElite products! I have been using everything in my hair as well as my quarter and miniature horses. I have extremely long curly hair which is a pain to take care of. I am so excited to have something that makes my hair and my horses manageable. Thanks.”

R. Taylor Springtown, Texas

“I really like EquinElite. It is super easy to use and it works great!
I can spray on the conditioner, and 2-3 days later my horse’s mane is still silky soft. It is such an easy product to use and great, especially for the price! I love it!”

Jordan, 18 , Trainer and Riding Instructor 4-H President, Wright County