Christy Moll, Arabian Dreams Tempe, Arizona

July 1, 2016

“I have Arabian horses and manes and tails are very important with this breed. Their is no other grooming product on the market that will care for a mane and tail like EquinElite. I have literally tried everything on the market for horses, even people products from fine salons and beauty supplies, trying to find something that moisturizes and detangles the hair but does not build up and get sticky after daily use. Well, EquinElite is incredible. You can use it every day and it grooms out all the tangles in long manes and tails and doe not rip or break off the hair. No sticky build up either! EquinElite is amazing and it smells great. After trying it once I was amazed, but after using it for a month, I was so grateful to find a product that really conditioned my manes and tails!! I use the whole EquinElite line for my horses, and I love it!”